6', 10' & 15' Frame

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Our tent rental division’s frame tents are casually elegant for all kinds of events, from trade shows to parties to backyard galas. Obstruction-free and easy to connect, the frame tent is one of our most popular and versatile tent styles.

By combining sections of tenting, our frame tents can be constructed in virtually any length. Similarly, leg height can be easily modified, creating low tents for intimate spaces and high tents for a grander ambiance.

  • Frame tents are available in the following widths:  6’, 10’ 15’, 20’, 30’ & 40’.
  • Free-standing structure with no interior support poles.
  • Leg heights are adjustable to accommodate moderate change in elevation and/or event style.
  • Frame tents can be joined together to facilitate any desired tent configuration.
  • Traditional frame tents are available in White, Clear, Blue & White, Green & White, Red & White, Yellow & White.
  • If necessary, tents can be installed using weights.
  • Available in Toronto, the GTA or elsewhere.
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