A tent isn’t just about what’s over your head! The flooring in an event tent is just as important as the tent itself. Whether you’re going natural on the grass, you need a sturdy wooden dance floor, or you want to wow your guests with elegant marble or glass, our tent rental division can provide almost any tent floor you can dream of. Have a look at our inspiration gallery for some examples.



The right kind of lighting makes all the difference for your tent’s ambiance and atmosphere. Floods, spots and chandeliers all have different functions: a tent for a corporate retreat requires a different lighting plan than a tent for a wedding or bar/bat mitzvah or a tent for a ceremony. Luckily, our tent rental division can work with you to create a lighting design that creates the perfect mood for your event in Toronto, the GTA or elsewhere.


Drapery and Décor

One of the best things about holding your event in a tent is the freedom to create dramatic interior spaces with drapery and décor. Soaring, billowing drapes can provide privacy, divisions or just gorgeously sculptured spaces within a tent, and other décor like planters and trellises turn a tent into a thing of beauty. Let our tent rental division create your perfect space within your tent.


Side Walls

If you need your tent to be a totally enclosed space, our tent rental division can help with that. Our side walls for our tents range from the cheerfully functional to the elegant and beautiful. Whether you want opaque walls to enclose your space or a bank of paneled windows so that your guests can gaze out at the beautiful space surrounding your tent, we can make your tent’s side walls perfect for your purposes.


Temperature Control

Tents are great for events in all seasons, from twinkling winter weddings to summer fun in a field of green. It’s important, though, to keep your guests comfortable. Our tent rental division can provide you with temperature control for your tent, whether you need to warm things up a little or keep things cool.



Many of our tent styles don’t require doors, but if you’ve got a totally enclosed tent with rigid side walls, you’ll need a way to get in and out. Let us outfit your tent with a door!