Charger Plates


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Beaded Glass Charger- 13"

Gold Matte- 13"

Gold Matter Beaded- 13"

Gun Metal Deco Charger- 13"

Merlot Glass Charger- 13"

Mirror Charger- 13.25"

Muskoka Charger- 12"

Onyx Band Charger- 12.25"

Platinum Band Charger- 13"

Rattan Charger- 12.5"

Silver Morton Parker Charger- 13"

Silver Matte Charger- 12.25"

Silver Matte Beaded Charger- 12.25"

Square Dark Wicker Charger- 13.5"

Sunburst Charger- 13.25"

Round Glass Charger- 13"

Cobalt Blue Plate- 13"

Chrome Beaded Charger- 13.25"

Dark Wicker Round Charger- 13"

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